Hello! We are marimbondo.

Our experience was based on giant portals with millions of views and it directly influenced the way we see the web.

We always have your user in mind. That's why we create websites that garantee the success in the navigation throughout your content, not mattering how or from which device it's accessed. We want your audience to have an inclusive experience, smart and sexy at every click.

  • Inclusive Accessibility for the win

    We believe in a web for everybody. According to IBGE 2010, over than 45 millions of brazilians have any sort of deficiency. With that in mind, we don't measure efforts to make your content accessible for the largest number of people as possible. From the color pallete to coding structure, we always develop a inclusive solution. Accessibility is about people and we can help your company reach them

  • Adaptable Reponsive Design

    Data from 2014 shows that the smartphone has become the number one device for internet access in Brazil. In other words, if your website is not responsive, you're losing business. Every site that we create, adapts to any screen size and device, from computers to smartphones, tablets to smart TVs. By doing that, we can ensure the best experience to your user, not mattering from which device they access your website.

  • Intuitive Functional Design

    Every little button on your website has its meaning. Because we understand user behaviour so well, we create interfaces that make their life easier - not the other way around! Navigation should be pleasent and intuitive. But don't be fooled, the websites we design are beautiful!

  • Performance DrivenTechnology in favor of the content

    Our websites are light and fast. And we're proud of that. We know that Google ranks better sites that follow these rules. Besides, every extra second a site takes to load, engagement of the user with your content drops. To garantee a good performance, we use web development best practices and follow W3C's directives.

  • Customizable Solutions designed for our clients

    Every website we create is customized to tailor your company necessities, and WordPress is our main CMS tool. Free, and safe, it's a reliable platform for development of websites large and small, where our clients can add and edit content, without relying on monthly fees.


Besides website development, we also offer consulting on usability, interface design, accessibility, performance, and front-end. Interested? Talk to us!

We are small but we work with giants:

  • Brazilian World Wide Web Consortium Offices
  • Information and Coordination of the Dot BR
  • NPO especialized in newborn mothers
  • Web hosting company from Brazil
  • The Secretariat for Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic
  • Vladimir Herzog Institute
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • The largest JavaScript conference in the universe